How to arrive to the next Main level:


There is no bugs on the game. If you cannot continue to the next puzzle it’s because you arrived to the end of that level. You have to go back, and start the next level. 


1- Click on back to package, then click on left button on top left.

2- Go back to main levels and start a new level





This resolutions steps are for all our emoji & stickers apps





1 - For activate HalloMoji Keyboard, click on Settings



2 - Inside Settings click on General Tab




3 - Inside General Settings click on Keyboard





4 - Click on Keyboards for add HalloMoji Keyboard




5 - Click on Add New Keyboard




6 - Click on HalloMoji for add Keyboard




7- Click on HalloMoji




8- Set on Button on Allow Full Access





9 - Answer Allow on question Allow Full Access for HalloMoji Keyboards




10 - Click on HalloMoji keyboard for use it





11- Use HalloMoji Keyboard






That wasn’t our intention, but sometimes they occur anyway.


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