Do you like puzzling search word games? There are more than 500 levels to discover the hidden words into the puzzle. 


Slide your finger over the hidden words on the squares to spell out the puzzle.


This is a scramble words game for word finders lovers. The letters will appear when slicing your finger on each square. 


The total characters of each word are indicated on yellow on the footer of the screen. You have to build the specific hidden words just swiping your finger up, down, diagonally and across to be able to connect each letter. 


Will find simple puzzles at the beginning, but gets challenging quickly. The hidden words were specifically design to have lot of fun and spend a good time. 


How to clear the grid? 
Solve the hidden words in the right way and order.


Prepare yourself to have tons of fun and a very challenging word search game. Begin with easy words and rapidly get into more complicated puzzles and words. 


Main reasons to play Wonder Words right now:

-    More than 500 levels perfectly design from the easiest to the complicated
-    Improve your skills in spelling and vocabulary
-    Share with friends the hidden puzzles and ask them for help
-    Great to play with family and friends
-    Very easy to use and lots of fun waiting for you
-    It’s free of charge




#1 Emoji/Sticker App for Soccer & European Football FANS!.


FootMoji PRO provides two ways to share your emoji:
-    In any app using our keyboard
-    In iMessage using the Messages Sticker app


- Over 70 new Moji Stickers in 6 categories
- The best Soccer emojis in the App Store
- Optimized for iMessage/Facebook Messenger/WhatsApp/Telegram
- Use the Keyboard or use straight from iMessage app
- No additional in app purchases required!

Categories include:
-    Fan emojis Balls
-    Players
-    Football selfies
-    Soccer team’s t-shirts
-    Soccer team’s shorts
-    Extras



WITCHMOJI - Fun and great Emoji Stickers for Halloween lovers.


This iMessage Stickers App is focus on Witch Halloween Hats stickers. Will find amazing Halloween Witch Hats icons to send to friends and family. Do you like Halloween party? Then you must have these great stickers to express yourself.


With great design and quality emoji stickers you'll have the best in class app.


Optimized for all devices giving you a great experience.


Helps us Improve! Give us you comment, improvements ideas, and problems.


We'll like to hear from you! And please share with Halloween lovers.